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Propane Vehicle Conversion Centre

Propane is the most common alternative fuel used in Canada today.

  • 40,000 vehicles are propane powered in Canada.
  • Canada is the 6th largest producer of Propane, producing 11 billion liters a year, of which 50% is exported.

Advantages for Converting to Propane
  • Save up to 50% of your fuel costs
  • Efficient, reliable and abundant source of energy.
  • Virtually any gasoline or light duty diesel can be converted to propane.
  • Duel Fuel Conversion offers the convenience of choosing gasoline or propane at the flick of a switch.
  • Cost is less than half the added charge for a new vehicle diesel or hybrid engine option.
  • Lower maintenance costs than gasoline or diesel, burns cleaner, less carbon buildup & potential increase in engine life.

Environmentally friendly
  • Reliable & efficient source of energy.
  • Lower carbon footprint: up to 26% less Greenhouse gases, 12% less Carbon Dioxide & 20% less Nitrogen Oxides than a similar gasoline powered vehicle.
  • Up to 60% less upstream Carbon Monoxide, compared to gasoline.
  • Diesel powered vehicles produce 30 times more Particulate Matter than Propane vehicles.
  • Propane is lead free & non-toxic, will not contaminate the soil or environment.

Propane Vehicle Safety
  • Vehicle Propane Conversions performed to code B149, regulated by the Ontario TSSA (Technical Standards & Safety Association) to the standards of reg. 211/01 and reg. 215/01.
  • Propane tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant than gasoline tanks.
  • Propane systems are fitted with automatic shut off valves which prevent leakage in case of a fuel line rupture.
  • Propane tanks are fitted with a Stop Fill valve that prevents overfilling the tank.
  • Propane auto ignition occurs at 850- 900 F while gasoline is at 495 F, meaning gasoline will explode or ignite at a much lower temperature than propane.


What is LPG?
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas commonly referred to as Propane.

What are the benefits of LPG?
  • An Abundant supply that costs 50% less than gasoline.
  • Efficient, burns cleaner.
  • Lower upstream and evaporative emissions.
  • London Police Dept. finding a fuel and maintenance savings of 18,000 dollars per vehicle life.
  • New propane technology virtually matches vehicles gasoline performance.

How is the vehicle refueled with LPG?
  • The vehicle is refueled with a dedicated nozzle into the vehicle refilling valve. To prevent overfilling, the LPG tank is equipped with an 80% stop-fill device.

Why has there been an increased interest in Propane vehicle conversions?
  • New safety standards and regulations have made Propane powered vehicles a very safe option.
  • Recent advances in Propane fuel system technologies have greatly enhanced its drive-ability features, with virtually no loss of power.

Which vehicles can be converted to Propane?
  • Any gasoline engine can be converted to Propane. However, the greatest benefits will be seen on newer high mileage vehicles which can utilize the new Propane fuel system technologies.

Will my vehicle run on gasoline after a propane system has been installed?
  • Yes. The vehicle starts on gasoline, and automatically switches to propane after ideal operating parameters are met. The driver can choose which fuel to use by simply pressing the changeover switch.

What is the fuel range of a vehicle powered with LPG?
  • Fuel range will depend on the size of tank installed at the time of conversion. Tank size will vary pending available space. Tank size can be decided pending the priority of fuel range vs. load capacity needs.
  • Tomlin Knight Auto Service propane conversions result in a "duel fueled" gasoline/propane vehicle. Therefore the vehicle fuel distance is almost doubled!

What is the cost for an Alternative Fuel Conversion?
  • The cost will vary pending vehicle model, engine size, and fuel tank size.
  • Call Tomlin Knight Auto Service for competitive pricing.

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